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Wednesday, July 6, 2022
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Alex Stein Removed from Meeting for Hassling Judge Jenkins

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Judge Clay Jenkins | Image by LARRY W. SMITH

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On Tuesday, a commissioners court meeting experienced a bit of commotion after a local media sensation made alarming claims against Judge Clay Jenkins.

The Dallas County Commissioners Court met on May 17, as they always do on the first and third Tuesday of each month, when Alex Stein, an individual who regularly “trolls” city meetings, brought up an article written by D Magazine regarding some alleged acts of Judge Jenkins’.

According to the article that prompted Stein’s line of questioning, Jenkins was arrested twice while attending college at Baylor University. The first arrest was apparently for reckless driving after leading Baylor security and Waco police on “a planned car chase,” and the second was for criminal trespassing at a women’s dorm during “a panty raid.”

Additionally, Jenkins was never arrested for allegedly being the infamous Baylor “Pie Man.” As said Pie Man, he reportedly led a ring of students offering to throw pies in the faces of anybody for a fee, including professors and ex-boyfriends.

Speaking before the city council, Stein insisted that Jenkins clarify the matter. However, Commissioner John Wiley Price would not permit Stein’s questioning.

“You’re not allowed to admonish members of this court,” said Price.

Still, Stein would not drop the allegations, going back and forth with Price until he was eventually escorted out by police.

The commissioners court rules state, “Any person making personal, impertinent, profane or slanderous remarks or who becomes boisterous while addressing and/or attending the commissioners court meeting shall be removed from the commissioners’ courtroom if security is so directed by the presiding officer.”

Price continued by adding, “You are not allowed to attack members of this court.”

Stein said he was not attacking Judge Jenkins but rather seeking clarification about the contents of the article.

“Clay Jenkins has never explained the situation behind his arrest for stealing panties in college, and I would like to hear his explanation of what happened that led to his arrest,” said Stein to The Dallas Express.

Stein said that he has rarely been thrown out of meetings; this was only his second time. The first time he was escorted out was because he attempted to speak in a meeting after 29 days instead of waiting for the full 30 days.

“[Mayor Johnson] could’ve allowed me to speak, but [he] chose not to,” said Stein.

This incident is not the first time Stein has questioned Jenkins.

He posted a video to his Instagram account in March of him nearly chasing after Jenkins while asking the judge about events in college. Jenkins continued to smile but offered no response to Stein’s questions. The video garnered over 46,000 views.

Stein said that he is “trying to call out the hypocrisy of our elected officials and how self-righteous and flippant they are about their constituents.”

Stein has gained a bit of support from Judge Jenkin’s challenger.

“This is just another one of many examples of Clay Jenkins’ lack of leadership and respect for our constitutional rights,” said Lauren Davis, a candidate for county judge. “As a public servant, we serve all people, whether they like us or not. Free speech is the bedrock of a free society. Dallas County deserves a true servant leader who puts the people before their feelings.”

The Dallas Express previously spoke with Stein after he went viral for rapping about the COVID-19 vaccine in front of the Dallas City Council.

Stein said he has been “trolling” the city council for over a year.

Neither Commissioner Price nor Judge Jenkins immediately responded to requests for comment.

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jake gallerano
jake gallerano
1 month ago

This is a waste of time – there are real stories on county government that need addressing; the failure of the County to operate a safe jail, for instance. Inoperative jail doors, the result of inmates having the opportunity and ability to disable the jail is a very big issue. It raises pertinent questions that will cost the county a very large chunk of change to remedy.
There are many questions, from proper funding by the commissioners’ court to prisoner oversight(jail management issues) that are not insignificant – they are core management and policy issues that endanger the public, jail staff and inmates – who is running the jail, the inmates? Five hundred doors inoperable is not a isolated issue but indicative of a complete failure of the system!

Forget Facts
Forget Facts
Reply to  jake gallerano
1 month ago

Jake, you may be on to something. So why don’t you go down and ask Ol’ Clay these questions. He is also a medical expert, doling out mask mandates and vaccination information; inviting anyone in the United States and more to come to Dallas County and get their free vaccination. If he is so involved in a global pandemic, then the items you list above are a local pandemic. Where does Ol’ Clay stand on those issues?

Bob I.
Bob I.
Reply to  Forget Facts
1 month ago

Clay was following the CDC guidelines. The USA has 1 million deaths. If COVID-19 safety protocols were strictly followed as they were in Australia our deaths from COVID-19 would ha been only 100,000. 900,000 lives could have been saved.

RC Conn
RC Conn
Reply to  Bob I.
1 month ago

That is inaccurate. Even the CDC admits it has no real knowledge of what the ‘actual cause of death’ being Covid was. In lockdown / mask up cities like Seattle, LA and NY, the rate of Covid death per capita was significantly higher than Texas or Florida. There are 7 peer-reviewed clinical journal articles all confirm that masks are ineffective against viruses. I sent all the studies to Jenkins – got no response. He’s a coward, a fraud, ignores facts, disregards clinical data and just would do anything to be on Channel 8 just one more time. HE’s useless.

1 month ago

First time I have seen this particular paper. I’m laughing right now because as I scanned the articles this really is a paper that is just reporting stories without a left wing slant. FINALLY, Dallas has such a paper. This is outstanding! I’m subscribing.

1 month ago

I am so sick of Clay Jenkins and his grandstanding regarding the China virus. How did this idiot get to be a judge?

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