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Woman Emerges from Crash Site after Two Days


Photo of the crash | Image by N. Lake Travis Fire Rescue

A woman driving an SUV crashed her vehicle into a creek bed in central Texas. Nearly two days later, she emerged from the wreckage.

Jonestown police advised that on May 6, around 2:30 a.m., the woman was driving on FM 1431 when she came to a curve in the road and lost control of her vehicle.

She then crashed through a guard rail and drove over the embankment. Her vehicle remained in the air, falling 16 feet and landing inside a creek bed. She was on her way to Cedar Park.

“What it appears to the investigation was she was traveling at a high rate of speed wasn’t able to navigate the curve,” said Officer Joseph Stephens to Fox 7 Austin. “She was driving from the eastbound lanes into the westbound lanes and struck a guard rail, went over, and into the ditch.”

However, on May 7, she was able to remove herself from the vehicle and flag down a driver who called for help.

According to police, the woman lost consciousness after the crash, but they are unsure how long. Still, authorities say her injuries are not life-threatening.

“Through the investigation, we determined the female had been in the ditch or ravine for a couple of days,” said Stephens.

She was confined inside her SUV for more than 40 hours, away from the highway.

Officer Stephens said they monitor these areas regularly, but there were no traces of the crash on the road.

“This crash, there was no evidence a car struck the guardrail because of the way it was hit. Typically, we would find these things rather quickly as we patrol the area,” he added.

If you are traveling, Jonestown police advise that you tell someone where you are going and when you will arrive.      

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