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Sunday, January 23, 2022
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Wholesale Horsepower Distributes Verkline Suspension Products in U.S.


Busch Series Field A Texas. | Image from WikiMedia

With three racing venues in the DFW area, there appears to be no shortage of racing enthusiasts in the metroplex. For those who get their thrills tinkering underneath the hood of a race car, sourcing the needed parts has just become more accessible.

Many race car mechanics may already be familiar with Wholesale Horsepower (WHP) in Garland, which has been in business in the DFW area since 2014.

A press release describes the company as “a distributor and manufacturer of high-performance aftermarket automotive components.” The company is a distributor of the ECU Master brand of racing electronics and also “designs and manufactures wiring adapters, sensors, and other engine management accessories.”

Now the company is expanding its business with a new offering. The press release announced that WHP has been authorized to warehouse and distribute the entire line of Verkline performance chassis & suspension components. WHP is one of only a handful of distributors of Verkline in North America.

Verkline is headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, and its products are designed, manufactured, and tested there. The company is described as “a designer, developer, and manufacturer of aftermarket high-performance and motorsport chassis upgrade products.

These products include subframes, uprights, control arms, suspension links, top mounts, bushings, and transmission mounts. As time goes on, Verkline aims to develop more products to drop lap times and drag times.”

Zach Denney, the owner of WHP, stated: “We’re thrilled to distribute Verkline’s current products, as well as helping to test and release future products for all enthusiast vehicle platforms. Verkline’s experience in engineering, kinematics, and manufacturing bring extra capability to racers of all disciplines. Our experience in marketing, sales, and distribution are a perfect pairing with their experience.”

Albert Szybinski, the CEO of Verkline Global, commented, “We are very excited to be working with WHP and that Verkline products will be available directly to customers from their North American warehouse. Local support and shipping will greatly improve access to our parts, avoiding the turbulence associated with international shipments right now.”

Wholesale Horsepower will distribute Verkline parts to Mexico and Canada as well.

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