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9:13 pm, Dec 06
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What Idiots


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Think about it. Our federal government spends trillions of dollars every year on all types of programs. Some of them are really dumb. They spend billions and billions on health alone, whether it be on Medicare, Medicaid, the CDC, the FDA, etc.  

With all that money, and after one of the smartest men in America, Bill Gates, warning of all the risks, you would have thought we would have been better prepared for COVID. The blame is not just for the Trump Administration. This goes back to Obama, Bush, Clinton, and so on.

If I, you the reader, or anyone with any modest intelligence level had been in charge, we would have done the following:

  • Theorize the different types of bacteria and viruses that could cause a pandemic – high/low lethality, high/low transmissibility, different methods of transmissibility, and the duration of the diseases.
  • Experiment thoroughly and relentlessly to determine the best ways to reduce transmissibility, such as social distancing, masks, physical contact, etc.
  • Stockpile mass quantities of personal protection equipment.
  • Set up factories (as much as possible without knowing the details of a specific disease) ready to go to produce vaccines.
  • Install very tight air filtration systems in high transmission areas, like airplanes, and stockpiled millions of these machines for when/if needed.
  • Determine the highest risk places where people could get the disease and prepare to evacuate them immediately, such as nursing homes.

You get the picture. But they didn’t. Why not? Meanwhile, we pay the salaries of hundreds of thousands of federal bureaucrats around the country… to do what? I can tell you what they don’t do – protect us from plagues and/or bioweapons.

This is not only a national health disaster, but it’s a military defense disaster as well. We pay them hundreds of billions a year to protect us. This could very well have been an attack by China or others; we don’t even know! 

Pathetic. Then there’s the just outright stupidity of our media. Our national press reported breathlessly for months that this was from a “wet market” in Wuhan, even though there are thousands and thousands of “wet markets” in China. Still, there are very, very few BioSafety Level IV Virology labs in China … and oh, one was just a few hundred yards from where this virus first emerged that happens to specialize in Coronaviruses. REALLY?! 

How stupid is our press? And for some time, our tech overlords banned any mention online that this disease emerged from this virology lab – because they’re smarter than us and should decide what we can say or do, lol.

Of course, this press also believed that Jussie Smollet decided in freezing weather to go out for a sandwich at 2 am and happened to run into two Trump supporters (laughably, who happened to watch “Empire”) and handily already had a noose with them to put around Smollet’s neck. Reckless gullibility is an understatement.

As far as I’m concerned, every one of those dopes at the federal level charged with preventing plagues or protecting us from bioweapons should be fired. Yet somehow, we still listen to those clowns at the CDC, and “Dr.” Fauci, et al.? 

Maybe we’re the idiots.