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Volunteer Divers Pull Vehicles from Lake Como to Solve Crimes

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A scuba diver plunges into the water of a lake. | Image by Leo Malsam

Lake Como in Fort Worth is the centerpiece of a new diving initiative to find breakthroughs in unsolved cases. A volunteer team from Oregon called Adventures with Purpose began searching and removing cars from the lake last week. The operation is large-scale, with the team telling reporters they hope to recover 25 cars from Lake Como.

On their first day, the team found and pulled out five different vehicles. Their findings were interesting, with three of the five cars being stolen. There were ATMs in some of the cars and a safe in another, KRLD writes.

However, these discoveries are not the only motivation for the volunteer dive team. They state that recovering the cars from the lake will help with pollution, as vehicles underwater release solvents and gasoline into the water.

The vehicles found could be of use in solving cold cases from many years ago. Jared Leisek, the founder of the project, said, “It’s one of those things where it’s almost like a hidden superpower. We’re able to locate, we’re able to go down, we’re able to recover and potentially solve a missing person case and bring a loved one home.”

In Hunt County, the team found the remains of a person that had been missing for thirty years. Leisek and his team pull the cars from the lake. Wreckage is then reviewed by the police department and anyone that might recognize them.

Resident Rusty Arnold told NBC how he is watching closely at what they pull from the lake. His sister and two others went missing in Fort Worth in 1974 and have yet to be found. “There’s hope. When a car comes out of the water, there’s no telling what’s in it. You’ve got to turn that stone over.” Arnold said.

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