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U.S. Marine Reunites with Brother After Three Years


Both brothers embracing after surprise | Image by NBC DFW

Even though it is still seven months away, Christmas came early for a little boy who got the surprise of his life when his big brother paid him a visit on Tuesday.

Brandon Ballard’s brother showed up to see him in class at Woodland Springs Elementary on May 10. For some, this is an everyday occurrence, but not Brandon. His big brother, United States Marine Isaac Ballard, has been away for over three years.

Brandon was in kindergarten when Isaac left for his station in Okinawa, Japan. The former kindergartener is now a third-grader in the Keller ISD school.

“I was nervous to see him because I haven’t seen him in so long, but I was really glad I got to,” Isaac told NBC 5 News.

Isaac was supposed to have returned sooner, but the pandemic delayed his homecoming.

NBC 5 shared a video of the brothers’ emotional reunion after spending three years apart.

When Isaac walked into Brandon’s class, the third-grader could hardly believe what he saw.

In the video, one person could be heard asking the shocked third-grader, “Brandon, who is this?” as the returning marine walked into his brother’s class.

Brandon’s mouth was open in astonishment for a moment when he heard his brother’s voice. The third-grader then turned around and saw his brother.

Overwhelmed and surprised, he burst into emotional tears and hugged his big brother. There were cheers and applause from classmates and the teachers present.

“Someone that you love is gone for that long, I mean, I don’t know. It’s just like happy and excited that he’s staying at home for a while,” Brandon said.

Brandon said he is now looking forward to fishing and getting McDonald’s with his big brother.       

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