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Texas Senator Bob Hall: ‘COVID Messaging is about Maintaining a Level of Fear’


Hospital COVID emergency ward | Image by gorodenkoff

Although nearly 66% of Americans eligible to be inoculated with the COVID-19 vaccine are fully immunized, media reports say hospitals remain overwhelmed by the number of cases. At least one local politician doesn’t believe the so-called hype.  

“We are seeing that the COVID is obviously on its way out,” said State Senator Bob Hall. “There’s no question about it. What is disturbing to me is the media and everyone else keeps talking about how contagious it is and what they’re not telling people is it may be contagious but it’s not very effective,” he posited, referring to the idea that the Omicron variant is a weaker strain than the initial iteration of the virus.

According to the Dallas County website, January 2021 saw the highest COVID death rate at 33.57 deaths per day on a rolling average, which was paired with 13,897 COVID cases. In this month’s peak, on January 7 and 8, the county saw 31,214 cases paired with 1.57 deaths per day on a rolling average.

Hall discussed his doubts about COVID variant Omicron while attending a Moms for Liberty presentation of the film Mind Polluters at the American Journey Experience Museum in Irving, Texas, last week.  

Moms for Liberty is a national grassroots organization that advocates for parental rights.   

“The doctors I’ve been working with are telling me the reason we’re having the mutations at the speed we’re having it is because of the vaccines,” Hall told The Dallas Express. “The virus is intelligent. When it sees the attack coming from the vaccine, its defense is to change but it’s limited in what it can do. To change, the virus produces more of itself. So, it becomes more contagious but at the same time, it makes itself less effective because of the way it shifts. I’m not a virologist but that’s the way the doctors have explained it to me.”  

The Dallas Morning News reported that Hall wrote proposals last year that would prohibit vaccine mandates and participated in a rally against hospitals mandating COVID-19 shots for its employees, which took place at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas five months ago.  

“Last week, they told us that 75% of the people who have died with COVID had at least four other morbidities and so, for some reason, the government has taken the approach to grossly overstate COVID’s impact,” Hall said in an interview. “The headline was ‘Expect 5 million people to be out of work and it’s going to shut down our economy.’ We took 50 million people out of work with lockdowns for a month last year and our economy hurt but it didn’t collapse. The message seems to be about maintaining a level of fear. They started out last year in March telling us that we were going to have 850,000 dead Texans by July. It never happened.”  

Some 19,750,011 people or 68% of the state have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccines, according to USA Facts, and overall, 16,745,027 people or 57% statewide have been fully vaccinated.  

“There are two things that the vaccinated and the unvaccinated have in common,” Hall said. “They both can get the COVID and they both can spread the COVID. The big difference is that the vaccinated spread COVID faster and more strongly than the unvaccinated do and we’re totally ignoring the class of people that are bulletproof COVID recovered. I’m COVID recovered.”  

In addition to posting a video on Facebook that advised viewers to avoid COVID-19 vaccination, Hall also stated that if he landed in the hospital with COVID-19, he would refuse being placed on a ventilator as well as treatment with the drug Remdesivir.  

“Without sounding like a conspiracy theorist, the real story today is what’s happening in Texas hospitals, which are absolute horror stories,” Hall added. “Nobody should be in the hospital for COVID today. It’s not serious. They may be in there for another reason, or they maybe have a body mass index or other ailment that causes them to be more receptive, but for COVID? No.”  

UT Southwestern reported, “Dallas County total COVID19 hospitalizations could peak above 1,500 concurrent hospitalizations before the end of January.

Hall has posted first-hand accounts on his website of people treated in Texas hospitals for COVID-19.  

“What I’ve been doing for the last year and a half is making Zoom videos with doctors, initially, and now with patients,” he said. 


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