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Texas Mother RoseMary Tucker Partners with Hoodies4Healing to Help Homeless People During COVID

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Texas mom RoseMary Tucker and Hoodies4Healing team braves the pandemic to help homeless people on the streets of Houston. 

The Hoodies4Healing team was formed in 2018 and has become a vital part of the Houston community. RoseMary Tucker has always wanted to help those in need. Several researches show that there are now over 3,000 homeless people on the streets of Houston. It is these people that RoseMary and her team wish to accompany and help. As the pandemic hit hard, they stepped out in faith to touch the untouchable and to love the unlovely. 

During the month of August, the Hoodies4Healing team will be joined by Blessties Boutique to distribute gift bags containing toiletries and health necessities such as t-shirts, towels, hand sanitizer, bottled water, and wristbands. Through this gesture to the community, they hope to restore humanity and dignity to marginalized people. 

RoseMary has helped fund this campaign with her own savings, and she also uses a percentage of the proceeds from the sales of her custom hoodies to help defray costs. You can find these hoodies along with many other customizable items in her Blessties Apparel Boutique. Every sale serves a purpose and meets a need. Your donations and support are the driving force behind this worthy cause. 

Every Sunday morning, volunteers gather to feed the hungry. You will find hot food and smiling people to welcome you. RoseMary’s work has not gone unrecognized — she has received numerous awards. The latest, a Certificate of Appreciation from the City of Houston was given to her for her outstanding work serving the underprivileged on August 7, 2021. In 2019, the City of Houston observed Hoodies4Healing Day by proclamation from the Mayor that read “RoseMary you are a champion in the community and to so many who love you”. 

For more information or to interview RoseMary Tucker, please contact her at 281-463-2537 or blesstiesusa@yahoo.com and visit www.hoodies4healing.com. 

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