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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Suspects Indicted in July 4th Dallas Shooting


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On Thursday, September 16th, four suspects were indicted for murder for their involvement in a shooting that left three dead and another three injured.

The shooting occurred on July 4th in the Hamilton Park neighborhood just before midnight. Neighborhood residents said that the shooting happened during an unofficial community block party. This party had over a hundred people in attendance.

Dallas police identified the shooting victims as Alvin Ray Murray III, 22, Hassan Blazer, 19, and Mi’quarius Alexander, 17.

Police made four arrests in connection with the shooting. The four suspects were identified as Kejuan Lewis, 17, Taqualon Jones, 19, Bryce Jones, 19, and Akil Anderson, 19.

The four suspects are now facing capital murder charges after a Dallas County grand jury indicted them on Thursday. Police have not revealed any motive behind their crimes.

This year’s Fourth of July weekend saw multiple shooting incidents all over the city. In the Hamilton Park shooting, one witness described the evening as a “Wild, Wild West moment,” with many residents running for cover from the multiple gunshots.

Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia said that the alcohol-fuelled parties over the holiday were a contributing factor to the violence that occurred over the Fourth of July weekend.

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