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Suspected Home Burglar Hospitalized after Neighbor Shoots Him

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Home burglar outside home. | Image from ricardoreitmeyer

A burglary suspect was hospitalized Monday night after the homeowner’s neighbor allegedly witnessed him breaking into the home and shot him.

The incident occurred in the 1700 block of Queensborough Drive after 5 p.m.

Per a CBS 11 News report, witnesses told responding officers that a man had broken into a home in the neighborhood and was trying to leave with several items. At the homeowner’s request, an armed neighbor went to the house and confronted the suspect, shooting him multiple times in the process.

The burglary suspect was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Nothing is known about the suspect’s condition other than that he was going into surgery.

Aside from the suspect, no other person was injured in the shooting.

As of Tuesday morning, no arrests have been made nor criminal charges filed in the incident.

Police say that an investigation into the incident is ongoing. They did however say that officers found evidence backing up claims that the suspect was shot after breaking into the home.

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