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Six Flags Fright Fest in Full Swing

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Image of the front of the Scarousel at Six Flags Over Texas. | Image from Verge Express

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Halloween festivities began at Six Flags Over Texas in 1988. Located at 2201 Road to Six Flags in Arlington, the last day to attend the Fright Fest is October 31st. The hours of Fright Fest for 2021 are listed on their website.

Re-entry to the park is no longer valid after 6:00 pm, and the park will not allow guests to enter during the last hour of operations that day.   

Guests that are ten years old and above cannot wear costumes within the park during Fright Fest. Children under ten years old may wear a costume as long as there are no bloody features and accessories. Toy guns, pitchforks, and bloody tools are prohibited. On the weekends, when Six Flags Over Texas stays opens until 7:00 pm, children can enjoy trick-or-treating in the Old South part of the park at Looney Tunes Spooky Town.   

All six of the haunted attractions at the Fright Fest are an additional cost over a general admission ticket to the amusement park. Both tickets are needed to enter the park and enjoy all six of the haunted houses. The Haunted House Add-On ticket starts at $19.99.  

Masks are not required at Six Flags Over Texas if the individual is fully vaccinated for COVID-19. This includes employees and guests entering the park for the day. Six Flags is also no longer requiring temperature screenings, social distancing, or reservations.   

Six Flag Over Texas mentions, “Dare to enter the Halloween event of the season, featuring family-friendly attractions during the day… and thrills once the sun goes down,” on their website.   

“Do you dare to open the door of the Curse of Ra? Maybe you can make it through the winding Killer Theater with surprises around every corner. Don’t miss these limited-time thrills,” the park mentions on their website about the haunted houses.  

The six haunted attractions include Art of Torture, Curse of Ra, Killer Theater, LABSICS: CLASSIFIED, Piggy’s Blood Shed, and The Do Drop Inn: Dead and Breakfast.   

Art of Torture is taken place in “an unknown and abandoned warehouse,” and Curse of Ra has a sign above the entrance of the attraction that states, “Death To All That Enter.” Piggy’s Blood Shed is a “horror gone hog wild,” according to their website.   

Fright Fest has three all-new haunted attractions this year. Killer Theater is where guests “step into an abandoned theater and venture deep into the industrial underworld.”

LABSICS: CLASSIFIED is a place where guests need to find a way “to escape the chaos and live to tell the tale of this CLASSIFIED terror!” The scent of gingerbread may seem welcoming to some guests who enter The Do Drop Inn: Dead and Breakfast.    

There is much more to see and experience during Fright Fest at Six Flags Over Texas this year. On top of the six haunted houses within the park, there are Scare Zones scattered around as well. Their website states, “Watch your back! There could be a zombie, a witch, or something else that goes bump in the night waiting when you enter one of three interactive photo scare zones.”   

Freak Town is located in a torn-up tent and is occupied by evil clowns. They love helping people capture pictures of a spooky clown with a spooked guest by their side.

Voodoo Swamp states, “the original zombie myth came to life in the swamps and bayous of New Orleans decades ago. Venture by Voodoo Swamp and see if the myths are true.” Fear Forest is a new Scare Zone where guests can snap a photo of creepy creatures.   

Beyond Scare Zones, Fright Fest offers more entertainment and shows to experience. “Who says you can’t be creepy AND catchy? There’s plenty of spooky sing-a-longs and scary skits to catch during our special Fright Fest shows,” according to their website.   

Dead Man’s Wharf is home to pirates searching for their lost treasure, making for a great photo opportunity.

Hellz Bellz is a show about a group of women who all join each other at their most favorite hotel. This hotel is where the ladies feel comfortable enough to share the dark secrets they keep deep inside.

Love at First Fright is located at the Southern Palace Theatre within the park. The lead lady, Witchie, must find a brain for the love of her life, Frankie.

Monster Shoppe is a dance party to the top Halloween songs. Vampire Bar is where thirsty vampires have joined the crowd at the Crazy Horse Saloon. Take a selfie with a vampire while enjoying drinks named Poisoned Bite and Vampire Elixir.   

According to SFOT Source, Fright Fest will also have Day of the Dead Mariachis and The Halloween Jazz Band.   

Some monsters and creepy characters might even join guests on rides at Six Flags Over Texas. Clowns have been known to enjoy the rollercoaster named New Texas Giant. Other rides to keep an eye out for creepy riders are the Haunted Runaway Mine Train, The Yeti of Runaway Mountain, and the Scarousel.   

Reviews of the Fright Fest for 2021 from the SFOT Source Facebook page state, “it’s amazing this year,” and “Fun fun fright.” Talking about Frontier City and strolling through the Garden of Evil, a reviewer states, “you will experience stuff that you never experienced in a haunted house.”  

According to My Arlington TX, Six Flags Over Texas park president, Ron Mckenzie said, “This year, we’re rolling out all the stops, with innovative new haunted houses, entertaining shows, and the longest Fright Fest run in our park’s history,” and added, “when North Texans are looking for the best value for scares this Halloween season, they need look no further than Fright Fest at Six Flags Over Texas.” 

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