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Thursday, October 28, 2021
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Restaurant Chain Aims to Get Friendly-er 

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A Friendly's restaurant store front. | Image from Wikimedia

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Friendly’s Restaurants and its affiliate BRIX Holdings have hired Roberto De Angelis as the Chief Experience Officer, overseeing menu development and seeking to improve the overall customer experience. 

De Angelis is a seasoned hospitality industry executive who worked for P.F. Chang’s for more than 18 years as the chief operating officer of global development. While there, he accompanied opening restaurants across 30 countries.  

“I am grateful and excited to begin this journey with Friendly’s Restaurants and BRIX as it presents an unprecedented opportunity to play a strategic role in the evolution, transformation, development, and expansion of a wide array of unique restaurant concepts,” said Roberto De Angelis.

BRIX Holdings is a Dallas-based multi-brand franchising company specializing in chains with superior products and attractive growth prospects. Its portfolio includes Red Mango Yogurt Café Juice Bar, Smoothie Factory Juice Bar, and Greenz Salads for Z’Adventurous. 

More than 100 Friendly’s Restaurants are sprinkled across the Dallas area and the U.S. Known for their burgers and hand-crafted ice cream desserts, Friendly’s is dedicated to providing great-tasting food at an everyday value. 

Recently, Friendly’s Restaurants was acquired by Amici Partners Group, LLC, which works with Dallas-based JAMCO Interests LLC, the majority stockholder of BRIX Holdings. Together, the goal is to provide superior products and growth prospects for their eateries. 

“Here, I have the opportunity to shepherd the resurgence of a legacy brand in Friendly’s as well as to lead the reinvention and progression of the BRIX brands. With great brands like these, the distance between idea and application is short, allowing us to move quickly and strategically increasing value for our guests, franchisees, and stakeholders.” 

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