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QAnon Followers Remain in Dallas, Hopeful for JFK Jr.’s Return

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QAnon gathering in Dallas. | Image from Bangor

On November 2, crowds waited at Dealey Plaza for the resurrection and appearance of JFK Jr., among other celebrities. When that date passed, many left Dallas, but some loyal followers have remained.

Some QAnon followers continue to stay in downtown Dallas. After the November 2 rally, Michael Brian Protzman took over the leadership role, with reports of him giving instructions to the followers. Protzman is known to many by the name Negative48, gaining traction online with cryptic Hebrew codes spreading the message of JFK Jr’s arrival.    

Mike Rothschild, author and expert on everything QAnon-related, says followers of Protzman are “unique.” Rothschild says it’s rare for mainstream QAnon supporters to be united under a leader such as Protzman.

“I think what you’re seeing here is really, undeniably a cult,” Rothschild says.       

Rothschild pointed out a key difference with Protzman’s followers; violence is not in the picture.

“It’s much more about hidden truths and secret knowledge than it is about taking up arms against the government,” he said. “That might come down the line — I really hope it doesn’t.”

While some QAnon supporters spread messages online urging action against QAnon enemies, Protzman and his group showed no interest in such rhetoric. Rothschild compared the group to an “old hippie love-in,” saying they were mostly just waiting for JFK Jr’s arrival.       

Experts in QAnon and cultism like Rothschild still warn that the supporters should be taken seriously. They say the deeper supporters get into a conspiracy, the more likely they will take increasingly extreme measures.

When Dallas News reporters tried to contact Protzman in public, he declined to speak with them, however, the scene in some of the downtown hotels was reportedly rather calm, with QAnon supporters conversing and researching in relative peace.

“These people are looking for some kind of certainty. They’re looking for some kind of reassurance that things are going to be OK,” said Rothschild.