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Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Police Identify Fatal Shooting Victim as Jesaias Hiram Nieves


Police officer walking with police vehicle in distance. | Image by Alessandro Photo

The Dallas Express previously reported that a man was fatally shot in Plano in an alley located in the 4400 block of Longfellow Drive on January 16. At first, the Plano Police Department did not release the name of the victim.

However, CBS 11 News reports that they have now identified the victim as Jesaias Hiram Nieves, a 22-year-old from Dallas.

Police are investigating Nieves’ death, which they say happened just after 10 p.m. that Sunday. The Plano Police Department said that they are treating the case as a homicide.

According to CBS 11 News, police have not determined a clear motive for the killing. The Plano Police Department did state that it appears to be an isolated incident and that they have not seen signs of it posing a threat to the public.

No additional information about the case is available at this time. Police did not release information about a suspect. However, their investigation is still ongoing.

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Mike G
Mike G
3 months ago

Has this murder been solved?

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