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Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Opinion: Why are White Liberals Separating Black Families?


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I’m mad.

As a black man in this racist stolen country that we call America, I’m convinced that the same people who claim to love my people and advocate for equality are in fact hypocritical devils bent on the destruction of black families.

Most of these so called “liberals” do not want to see a black man in the house raising his children. They want my black ass dead, or in jail. Anywhere but my own home where I can be present for my children.  White liberals have been encouraging separation of black families because they want to keep us dependent on their government handouts to give them our votes. They sell a fake narrative to my sisters that they “Don’t Need Us”. Then, they push black single moms to get on welfare but the welfare benefits end if they get married. So they don’t. The welfare benefits end if they get promoted at work. So they don’t. The white liberals want black single mothers dependent on welfare and begging them for the next handout. It is despicable. To my black sisters: look around! You are single and raising your child alone, scratching for crumbs from the white man’s table– a table your ancestral blood built.

I had my day in court where I fought, begged, cried, and pleaded to be allowed to be in my own son’s life. I was forced to debase myself begging the white man to be able to see my own son just as generations of slaves before me begged their slave masters to not separate them from their families. A system made up of whites with their own families and white picket fences are determined to keep me away from mine. This is a cruel game and one that  many black men are losing. Because the game is meant to push you, humiliate you, debase you so much that you just give up. The mental and financial stress will drain you of your ambition. I refuse to be a victim. I won’t allow these system to make my son another statistic, I will disrupt it instead.

It kills me to watch black women walk out of court thinking they have “won” when they get “custody”. Many are too ignorant to realize we are all being used as pawns and if black men are not in our sons’ lives then our sons are likely to be bound for the school to prison pipeline.

People ask: where are all of the black fathers?

I’m right here.

White power structures are scared of a black union coming together to be great. When black men and black women are united, there is no limit to what we can achieve. Barack and Michele Obama. Nelson and Winnie Mandela. Dr. Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King. Black families together can work to reform and dismantle corrupt systems and it is for that reason the white power structures will resist it with everything they have. But it is a fight I am ready for and prepared for. There is no system, especially one that is corrupt as this one to make me bow down. I walk these streets everyday swinging my long two braids because, although you have forgotten whose land you walk on, I have not.

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