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Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Opinion: Protect Texas Kids Takes a Stand Against Leftist Indoctrination


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Today’s headlines are filled with polarized coverage and discussion about Roe v. Wade. Meanwhile political campaigns across the country, large and small, are being decided by angry parents who have witnessed the leftist indoctrination of their children in our public schools. A realization that came about, ironically, largely due to COVID induced school-from-home policies.

The left has been engaged in a culture war on traditional American values for decades, and it is coming to a head. These “social justice warriors” have slowly and seedily forced the normalization of deviant behaviors upon American society – from normalizing illicit drug use and promoting underaged sexual promiscuity through media and entertainment created solely to target kids, to blasting their message of inclusivity and victimhood aimed at dividing parent-child relationships, by steering kids towards peers and school counselors for understanding, as well as wide attempts to destroy the definitions of mother and father – they are never content. So today, it’s the attempted normalization of pedophilia – renaming it “minor attacked persons;” it’s a hard, concentrated push to remove all commonly accepted and scientifically backed definitions of gender (even giving us a Supreme Court Justice who cannot define what a woman is); and it’s advocating for the killing of babies right up to the moment of birth. All these ideas were universally accepted as decidedly abhorrent and unthinkable a few short years ago.

Now they have clearly set their target upon our most vulnerable: our kids. The radical left is bombarding our kids with their incessant agenda composed of gender dysphoria, forced transitions, CRT, drag queen story time, infanticide and abortion, sexually explicit books in schools, and grooming of all sorts.

These ideas and actions are being instituted under the guise of “learning” and “acceptance.” Countless stories are of parents using their children as political props, and forcing them to transition underage, while schools widely implement Critical Race Theory (CRT) into Pre-K curricula and make sexually explicit materials available in their school libraries.

While serving as chairman of the University of North Texas’ chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas, I saw first-hand the result of this indoctrination as these children become young adults. The majority of students I’ve encountered identify as various terms under the LGBTQ umbrella, and being straight is considered a bad thing, because that’s what they’ve been taught. White students are often villainized, as a result of being indoctrinated with tenets of Critical Race Theory and black nationalism. If students find out that you have conservative viewpoints, you’ve committed social suicide. All of this is a result of the propaganda students are fed during K-12.

This is a battle where the current and future generations of Americans are in the balance. Will American values survive and continue to have meaning? This is the fight of our time. Everything else will pivot based upon this. To that end I have launched my new non-profit organization: Protect Texas Kids (PTK). (www.protecttxkids.org)

PTK is here to take a stand for Texas kids, by actively fighting harmful leftist ideologies being pushed onto them. Its purpose is to expose the mental abuse children are facing in places of learning and eradicate it through what I am particularly well-experienced at: activism. Attending and testifying on their behalf at school board meetings, protesting at schools who are participating in leftist indoctrination, as well as clinics providing so-called “gender-affirming care” for children is just the start. We will inform parents and community members of these evils happening right under their noses. The radical left is guilty of ongoing attempted kidnapping, through their manipulative agenda that targets of the minds and natural well-being of your kids, I’m determined to fight back. Will you join me?

Since announcing Protect Texas Kids, just over a week ago, I have been targeted by backlash including hate-filled threats of violence against me, harassing behavior, and the vandalization of my own apartment home. I will take this fight right back to their own doorsteps with swift resolve.

Texas’ kids deserve to grow up in a morally stable state. A state where everyone knows the definition of a woman. A state where you aren’t taught you are racist simply based upon the race or gender of your birth. A state where adolescents experiencing the confusion of puberty aren’t encouraged to mutilate their bodies. A state where they are affirmed and loved in a wholesome and safe manner to go on to be stable productive adults.

Join me in this fight, visit www.protecttxkids.org and subscribe to stay informed, follow me on social media, and if you find this propaganda in your school, call the PTK Tip Line (214)-702-2869 set up for students and parents to share what’s being taught at their schools – all sources will be kept confidential.     

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