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Thursday, September 29, 2022
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There are many North Texas school districts regularly tangled up in some form of controversy for headlining woke school boards and teachers, but few are worse than Dallas ISD.  From widely implementing Critical Race Theory (CRT) into staff training, library books, and curricula, to encouraging students to get on puberty blockers and have gender mutilation surgeries, Dallas ISD decision-makers have committed about every horrible offense against the student body, pun intended, imaginable.

Texas has outlawed Critical Race Theory (CRT) from being taught in public schools, yet there are proven instances of the district using CRT tenets anyway. In fact, Dallas ISD  has established a “racial equity office” where parents, staff, and students can find a list of “equity resources.” These propaganda-laden resources consist of titles like: “Lesson of the Day: How Teachers Are Exploring the Derek Chauvin Trial with Students,” “How Can White Teachers Teach Black History? Six Things You Need to Know,” and “Bringing Black Lives Matter Into the Classroom, Part II.”  There’s also a list of “professional development opportunities” available to Dallas ISD staff, which are intended to help teachers test themselves for hidden biases, and learn what “white privilege” is.

Aside from providing these CRT trainings to parents and teachers, Dallas ISD also presently indoctrinates K-12 aged school children. When House Bill 3979 passed, banning educators from teaching CRT, the school district even considered taking legal action to defend their practice of infusing woke ideology into their students’ learning. Libraries throughout the district include books that are known to include CRT propaganda, including Stamped: Racism, Anti-racism, and You; The Black Friend: On Being a Better Person; and Woke Baby. These are books known to include tenets of CRT, and they are still available throughout the district (you can search what books are available in the DISD libraries here).  Yet the previous superintendent, Michael Hinojosa, referred to the library book outrage as a “manufactured crisis” and the led the district in completely disregarding the issue. But the evidence stands, and is online for everyone to see: Dallas ISD pushes Critical Race Theory.

Dallas ISD also has an entire section of their website dedicated to LGBTQ Youth. The district connects families with a list of events to celebrate sexual orientation and gender identity, which include LGTBQ Families Day, Solidarity Week, LGBT History Month, and more. An entire 24-page manifesto can be found here that teaches a variety of notions, including how K-12 children can safely use chest binders, and tips for students on how to come out as gay to their parents.  The district takes chest binder donations, and allows students to put in a request for one, while another section of the document lists medical and health resources for LBTGQ youth, including Dallas ISD recommended Genecis Clinic, (a clinic that gives children puberty blockers and surgeries) for students to go to.

Although Superintendent Hinojosa has moved on, the new superintendent finalist, Stephanie Elizalde, doesn’t look any more promising.  Elizalde comes from Austin ISD, another district that is no stranger to controversy over leftist indoctrination of children.  Under Elizalde’s leadership, Austin ISD refused to comply with a request to confirm if certain books containing racial and sexual content are in district libraries. AISD has also faced various protests from concerned parents, including a protest against strict, unnecessary COVID-19 protocols that were imposed on their students and staff. Given Elizalde’s background at AISD, it’s hard to hope that she will be a less woke superintendent for Dallas.

Protect Texas Kids is closely following Dallas ISD’s next administrative moves and will not stop bringing awareness to the fanatical, left-wing harm that these policies and procedures inflict on Texas kids and their families.

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Dr. Lisa Turek
Dr. Lisa Turek
2 months ago

There is not a whole lot of learning going on period in the DISD. Most students can’t do basic math or read at a 6th grade level once graduated—unfortunate.

Reply to  Dr. Lisa Turek
2 months ago

The article sounds straight out of the Trump playbook. Is the state and this paper denying history and our school’s ability to deal with today’s issues? Opinions are important but not when they are only meant to follow along with political views that are trying to suppress views other than their own.
FYI Lisa – you comment on DISD is uninformed.

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