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Saturday, September 24, 2022
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Opinion: Armed Antifa Showed Up to My Protest Against Children’s Drag Shows


Antifa flag | Image by Ben Gingell

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This past weekend, I learned that the Left wants to sexualize children so badly that they will even encourage Antifa criminals to show up in black bloc at children’s drag shows with AR-15s – simply to intimidate the normal people protesting who do not want grown men dressed as women stripping for kids.

As the Executive Director of an organization called Protect Texas Kids that protests against drag events targeting children that take place across the Dallas-Fort Worth area, I’m no stranger to Antifa goons.

They have protested me with about 500 people on my college campus before I graduated, vandalized my apartment door to try to intimidate me, and have even gone after my family back home.

The restaurant hosting this particular child’s drag show, Anderson’s Distillery and Grill, was adamant about the event being “kid-friendly” and said that everyone would be fully dressed and dancing appropriately. However, footage from inside the event showed otherwise: the drag queens wore skimpy, ill-fitting clothing, danced provocatively, and took cash tips from young children. Parents could be seen encouraging their children to dance with the drag queens and hand them money.

The scene outside of the restaurant was a different level of disturbing. One clearly intoxicated mother repeatedly flashed our group while her child stood next to her and watched. Other parents screamed obscenities and flung water at us, some even telling their young children to flip us off.

But the most disturbing part was the heavily armed Antifa presence. I’m used to these unemployed basement-dwelling soy boys showing up to cause trouble, but I’ve never seen them go to the lengths that they did to “protect” a literal pedophile operation. They were waving around AR-15s and acting as a pro-groomer militia, complete with what appeared to be someone acting as a sniper on the nearby residential parking garage.

The deranged white liberal women were eating it up, even thanking the group for “protecting the event.” The parents who took their kids to the event are just as despicable as the restaurant owner and performers, if not more so. Parents generally claim to drag their kids to these events to teach them about “inclusivity and kindness”– yet their children often look wildly uncomfortable.

At this event, one child was even pictured hiding under a table from one of the drag queens dressed in an ill-fitting unicorn costume. If the grown men dressed as caricatures of women didn’t scare the young children, I’m sure that the horde of they/them in black bloc wielding AR-15s surely did.

These parents are just using their children as props; they want to take pictures of their kids with drag queens so that they can get affirmation from other woke adults—the needs of their children are not on their radar at all. This is literal child abuse, and it’s now being protected by armed communist vigilantes.

So how have we gotten to the point as a country where it’s socially acceptable for an armed Antifa militia to “stand guard” outside of an event where grown men dressed as women are sexualizing children? My answer: complacency from conservatives. Conservatives are willing to angrily post on Facebook about the moral degeneracy crisis our country is facing, but they won’t get out and actually do something about it.

We will never win the cultural war if we don’t have more conservatives standing up to take action against the Left’s blatant attacks on children. I ask you to learn more about my group, follow us, and when we stand up for these innocent children, join us boldly.    

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James Carinado-Cox
James Carinado-Cox
5 days ago

Oh omg this conservative stuff again. Let me remind you that those who identify as the lgbq+ community that have acted inappropriately with children is 1 to 30 to every time a straight groomer inappropriately does something to a minor. So please let’s get the facts straight here. But it is ok that conservatives groom their kids and tell them the opposite sex is the way to go and encourage at a young age what sex is and what isn’t. So let be real. Let’s talk about the proud boys. Oh their innocent and do no wrong with their guns of protest. Oh wait that was 1/06.

Reply to  James Carinado-Cox
4 days ago

Your comment is so stupid. So you think it’s ok to subject children to drag queens dancing half naked while Antifa stands guard with AR-15’s? What is wrong with you? Children should not be subjected to anything that pertains to sex with the opposite or same sex. Let them be children while they can and quit pushing your agenda on them. I guess you think it’s also ok to give life changing hormone treatments as well? Well guess what until their brain is fully developed it is child abuse to do any of this

5 days ago

You sicken me with your bigoted hate fueled rhetoric.