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Sunday, January 23, 2022
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Mom Seeks Justice for 9-Year-Old Son After South Dallas Park Attack

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Willie Mae Butler park in South Dallas. | Image from dallasparks.org

Dallas police received a report of an assault and robbery of a 9-year-old in South Dallas on Saturday.

According to Dr. Pamela Grayson, her son was assaulted and robbed at Willie Mae Butler Park in the Dixon Circle neighborhood of South Dallas.    

“Tonight my son Blade was beaten and robbed at the rec center. I’m pissed as hell,” Grayson said in a video posted on Facebook.    

“They punched my child in his head, in his back, about 20 to 25 times. In his legs,” said Grayson, who is well known in Dallas as a community organizer.  

According to the video posted on Saturday, Grayson said that her son came home not wearing shoes, in a frenzy, and in a lot of pain. She said the boy, who had his scooter stolen, is still shaken by the incident.   

“They could have hurt, they could have maimed this child. Permanently. Over a funky $50 scooter,” Grayson said in the social media video obtained by WFAA.    

While Grayson said her family called the police and reported the incident, she said she wanted to do more to make sure her son’s attackers are brought to justice. The family believes two teens were the perpetrators of the attack and robbery.    

After providing details of the incident in her Facebook video, Grayson offered a reward to anyone with information to help identify or apprehend the attackers. “I’m offering a $1,000 reward whoever turns in both culprits,” she announced.    

As reported by WFAA, people have been reaching out to the family with tips, and Grayson said she’s transferring all the leads to the police.  

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