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Thursday, September 29, 2022
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‘Mission: DFW’ Calls Out Four Texas Companies Over Lack of Diversity


"Diversity", "Equality", and "Inclusion" written on sticky notes in an office. | Image by Syahrir Maulana

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A press release issued by the local organization Mission: DFW has called out AT&T, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Texas Instruments for what the organization claims amounts to hypocrisy over the lack of diversity in senior management while the companies call for inclusion and diversity training.

The four companies are among the largest employers in the DFW metroplex. Ethan Sabo, the Founder and President of Mission: DFW says his organization exists “because woke corporations are corrupting America.”

Sabo sent a questionnaire that asked specifics about company programs and policies relating to diversity and inclusion of minorities. None of the companies responded to the survey, leading Sabo to conclude that company messaging about inclusion and diversity is not followed through with action.

“I chose American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, AT&T, and Texas Instruments because they are WOKE HYPOCRITES plain and simple,” Sabo said in an interview with the Dallas Express.

“They claim to be the good guys while they make shady deals in China and the Middle East with the most racist, autocratic, homophobic, and chauvinistic people. Then, they turn around and try to tell us what to do in Texas as if they are somehow morally superior.”

Sources with AT&T claimed they were unaware of the questionnaire that Sabo had sent. When the document was provided via email, allegedly AT&T’s firewall settings prevented the document from being opened.

“We have a long and proud history of valuing diversity, equality, and inclusion, not just inside AT&T but outside, as well,” reads a statement from an AT&T spokesperson. “It is a business imperative to champion equality, diversity, and inclusion in every aspect of our business, which is why we are committed to ensuring our workplace is inclusive and that we recruit, retain, and advance people with a wide diversity of backgrounds and perspectives.”

The statement claims that AT&T does not have specific goals for diversity, equality, and inclusion. The company publishes their annual DE&I report online.

“In America and around the world, the realities of racism and other inequities continue to divide societies and cause harm while also limiting our full human and economic potential,” AT&T CEO Jon Stankey wrote in the report. “More than ever, we need to reflect on these moments and, as a company, ensure our actions align to our longstanding value of “stand for equality.”

The report reveals that AT&T’s upper management is 75% white and 60% male. Black, Hispanic, and Asian managers account for just 20% of U.S.-based senior managers. The report shows that 46% of U.S. employees at all levels within the company are people of color.

“The leaders of these companies are to blame, and their diversity efforts are just window dressing for their morally bankrupt and hypocritical actions,” Sabo said. “I don’t take issue with the fact that all four companies have white middle-aged men as CEO, but I do find it terribly hypocritical and illustrative of the fact that the diversity racket is just an expensive scam. While they get to lecture Texans, they do whatever the heck they want. So, it’s high time someone holds them accountable to their so-called promises. We intend to do just that.”

Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, and Texas Instruments declined to provide a comment for this story.

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