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Saturday, January 22, 2022
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Missing Canadian Man Identified as Victim in Fatal Car Crash

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Aaron Tschritter. | Image from Aaron Tschritter Personal Real Estate Corporation Facebook

A Canadian man reported missing after traveling to Dallas to see the Cowboys play on Thanksgiving Day was killed in a car accident.

Investigators confirmed Wednesday that Aaron Tschritter, 29, died in a car wreck while visiting Dallas to attend the Cowboys-Raiders game.

Tschritter was last seen by his friends in the early morning on Thursday, leaving Deep Ellum nightclub Vinty. His friends said he was supposed to go to the Cowboys game in the afternoon on Thanksgiving, but he never arrived.

This past Saturday, Tschritter’s wife, Melissa, posted on social media that her husband had died in a car wreck on his way back to his hotel.

“Please pray for us,” she said, “and especially our little boy Judah who has just lost his daddy.”

Melissa reportedly received the news of her husband’s death the day after arriving in Dallas to search for him when he was assumed missing. According to her, Tschritter had met a man who offered him a ride in his BMW.

At around 2:15 a.m. that Thursday morning, two men were killed in a fiery car crash involving a gray 2015 BMW M4 near Deep Ellum. The car was traveling South on Good Latimer Expressway, near Highway 75, when it lost control, hitting a building and an electric pole.

Dallas Fire-Rescue and bystanders attempted to rescue the vehicle’s occupants, but both driver and passenger were pronounced deceased at the scene.

Police have confirmed that one of the individuals in the wreck was Tschritter. They have not yet identified the vehicle’s other occupant.

“Anyone who knows Aaron knows his love for performance cars,” Melissa wrote in her post. “He was showing Aaron what the car was capable of when they lost control.”

According to Abbotsford News, Tschritter’s father also speculates the reason for the crash had to do with his son’s love of cars. “I believe the driver was showing Aaron what his car could do, and unfortunately, the results were fatal.”

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