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Memorial Plaque Remembers Man Lynched More Than 100 Years Ago

City & State

Allan Brooks memorial in downtown Dallas. | Image from Twitter

On Saturday, the Dallas County Justice Initiative and residents held a ceremony to remember Allan Brooks. A memorial plaque recalls Brooks, lynched by a mob of men 111 years ago on March 3, 1910.    

According to comments made to WFAA by Dr. George Keaton, Jr. of the Justice Initiative, Brooks was accused of raping a young girl with no evidence supporting the claim. Brooks was, however, still charged for the crime.    

While at the courthouse, Brooks was attacked and dragged by thousands of men who overpowered the police. Brooks’ attackers dragged him to the intersection of Main Street and Akard Street.

The men hung Brooks from a pole, tying a rope around his neck as roughly 5,000 onlookers watched. No arrests were made following the lynching of 59-year-old Brooks, who had made his living as a handyman.     

Ed Gray of the Dallas County Justice Initiative addressed the importance of remembering Brooks and the historical significance of the case while speaking at the memorial.    

“This is an effort, historical activism, in which we need to make sure we reach back into history, so we don’t repeat it. And this is one of the steps today,” Gary shared.     

Gray added, “They say a journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step and this was that step. Making sure that the City of Dallas, making sure the State of Texas, making sure that America recognizes the humanity of Allen Brooks,” he continued.     

The new memorial plaque dedicated to Brooks shares his tragic story for all to read. Following the ceremony, some residents left roses and other flowers at the base of the memorial marker placed in the spot where Brooks was killed.

The Dallas County Justice Initiative plans to remember another historical lynching in the Trinity Park area.