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Meeting Over School Shooting States No Evidence of Bullying

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Arlington Police Chief Al Jones speaking at a podium. | Image by Fort Worth Star Telegram

On Thursday, the Mansfield Independent School District held a public meeting to discuss the Timberview school shooting earlier this month.

As reported by the Dallas Express in reference to the shooting, the student Timothy Simpkins is accused of injuring two fellow students and a teacher after an altercation with another student. Simpkins had brought a handgun to school. Following the shooting, Simpkins’s family had spoken out, sharing that another student was bullying Timothy.

Following an investigation into the matter, it has since been revealed that Arlington Police Chief Al Jones has found no evidence of bullying involving Simpkins or any other student.

Chief Jones shared his findings at the small town meeting surrounded by some of his peers from the force, per Fox4News. The meeting was held to discuss student safety in the schools and the latest investigations into the Timberview shooting.

“This was not a bullying incident. I just want to take that narrative out of the equation,” Jones stated. “Mr. Simpkins is involved in high-risk activity, and that high-risk activity led to the disagreement within the community.”

Jones did not elaborate further on Simpkins’s high-risk behavior. He also pointed out that he does not believe Simpkins planned to arrive and purposely shoot another student.

“I don’t think this incident was an actual school shooting or active shooter,” he shared. Jones said that Simpkins and the other student, Zacchaeus Selby, were arguing outside the school before the shooting.

Regarding safety, the current protocol calls for one officer to remain on the campus of each elementary school while two officers are to be present on the campuses of both middle and high schools. Some parents in attendance at the meeting voiced the need for additional officers and the installation of metal detectors.

Since the shooting, the police department has added additional officers on campuses, K-9s, random searches of the grounds, and constant monitoring of all cameras on campus.

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