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Thursday, October 28, 2021
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Mansfield Mayor Says Parents Expressed Reluctance About Installing Detectors

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Mansfield Mayor, Michael Evans in front of City Hall. | Image by Lawrence Jenkins

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The Mayor of Mansfield has revealed that parents at Timberview High School in Mansfield ISD were reluctant about installing metal detectors on the school entrances.

While speaking on Inside Texas Politics about the recent school shooting in which four people were injured, Mayor Michael Evans said that there was a discussion on metal detectors with parents a few years ago. At the time, Evans sat on the board of Mansfield ISD.

Evans revealed that parents preferred to have police officers on campus instead of having metal detectors installed. Evans said the parents’ decision to have police officers on school campuses has worked for the district.

Evans, who said metal detectors should not be considered a fail-safe, added that there might be a need for a combination of security enhancement at secondary campuses.

“In schools around the country, and in particular Texas, you’ve got hundreds of doors, exits in and out, and that’s for our kids’ safety as well,” Evans said. “So, you’re talking about a whole lot of money and right now, schools are already dealing with budget woes because of the pandemic.”

Evans also revealed that practice and preparation ensured a sense of order throughout the shooting incident.

He added that the community is already beginning to heal, especially since there were no fatalities because of the shooting. He said the community was shaken by the realization that it was not untouchable when it comes to gun violence and traumatic experiences such as the school shooting.

Evans is the pastor at Bethlehem Baptist Church and had previously sat on the board of Mansfield ISD for ten years. He served as the district’s president for two years.

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