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Local Soul Food Restaurant Closes Due to Supply Chain Issues


Exterior view of Drew's Soul Food restaurant in Fort Worth. | Image from Visit Fort Worth

The supply chain crisis is causing millions of products to arrive late. Not only have international package deliveries stalled, but local food transport has become inconsistent as well. Drew’s Soul Food, in Fort Worth, was forced to close and only offer catering after a lack of specific ingredients the restaurant needs.

Drew’s Soul Food has been a neighborhood favorite for 34 years, with locals raving over the fresh food and vibes they offer. Community members were disappointed to see the dining room close.

David Folsom, a local resident, and fan of the restaurant told reporters, “I hope they stay open. I love this place.”

Despite the rave reviews, Drew’s could not make some of their signature dishes without ingredients such as Ox-tails or black-eyed peas. The shortage began with difficulty sourcing meat products, then things “just rolled downhill,” Co-owner Stephanie Thomas said. Thomas said they also ran out of to-go container lids and other essential items to keep the restaurant running smoothly.

According to a CBS interview, the owners thought it was not worth the “time and cost involved in chasing down supplies.” Thomas says customers have been calling the restaurant asking if the news was true.

According to CNBC, in the third quarter, the US economy only grew by 2%. That’s the lowest record since the post-pandemic economic rebound. CNBC analysts lay most of the blame on labor shortages and higher demand for products in the supply chain blockage.

Most notably, shortages for microchips have affected everything from laptops to SUVs. Apple and Amazon warned users of possible delays, and even McDonald’s has run out of fried chicken for one of their signature sandwiches.

Despite the global shortages, Drew’s Soul Food is still open for catering. They vow that the change is only temporary and will be back in business whenever possible.

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