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Friday, July 1, 2022
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Local Pregnancy Center Vandalized on Camera


Photo of the vandalism | Image by CBS DFW

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Denton Police are looking for a woman caught on camera vandalizing a pregnancy center on Saturday, May 7.

Fox 4 News reports Executive Director Randy Bollig arrived at the Loreto House on Saturday morning around 8 a.m. Bollig found the front door of the facility spray-painted with the phrase, “not a clinic,” and to the left of the door, “forced birth is murder.”

Bollig provided security footage to police which shows what appears to be a woman with a face mask and beanie on her head, spray painting the door and wall. She then sits on the ground for a short period before walking over to the security camera, where she is seen spray painting the lens to block the view.

“It was not a surprise in some ways because I had contacted Denton PD a week before asking for additional patrols because we knew that this was coming,” Bollig told Fox.

The request for additional patrol was in response to last week’s leaked Supreme Court documents indicating that the court justices would overturn Roe vs. Wade.

Bollig explained that Loreto House is a pregnancy center rooted in the Catholic faith. The nonprofit’s mission is to assist pregnant women with free services, diapers, clothes, formula, counseling, and post-abortion support. Loreto House encourages women to seek an alternative to abortion.

According to the Loreto House website, women can receive free pregnancy services, ultrasounds, and parenting classes from the center.

The website clarifies that Loreto House is not a clinic and provides the following disclaimer: “Loreto House is not a medical clinic, and the staff cannot diagnose or treat medical conditions.”

The disclaimer also reads, “Loreto House is not an abortion facility and does not refer clients to abortion providers.”

“We’re there to love her and help her. We’re not there to shame,” said Bollig. “We’re not there to preach to her.”

According to WFAA, Denton police’s investigation is still in progress, and no suspect had been identified or arrested as of Tuesday.

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1 month ago

“Forced birth is murder.”
“War is peace.”
“Freedom is slavery.”
“Ignorance is strength.”

Jimmy Joe
Jimmy Joe
Reply to  Jim
1 month ago

Indeed. What an advanced society.
Proof that the electorate is no longer competent either. No longer fertile ground for a self governing people.

1 month ago

“Forced Birth Is Murder”? No it’s called Life as it should be! What a WOKE moron!

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