Dallas PD Release Safety Tips for State Fair

State Fair of Texas
Dallas PD released some safety tips for the State Fair of Texas coming up on Sept. 24.

The State Fair of Texas is just around the corner, expected to begin on Friday, September 24, at Fair Park, Dallas, Texas. In preparation for the fair, the Dallas Police Department has released the following safety tips for all to keep in mind.

All attendees should plan accordingly and wear comfortable shoes. They are also advised to check the weather and dress appropriately.

Parents attending the State Fair are advised to take a picture of their child/children on arrival at the event so they can have a recent photograph to show officers if their child/children get lost or separated from them.

Parents should ensure their child/children know their parent’s name and phone number in case they get lost or separated. Police recommended that parents discuss with their children the importance of asking an officer for help if they get separated or lost.

Attendees are also advised to have a meeting place picked in case they get separated from their party. Police recommended Big Tex Circle as an ideal meeting place.

To prevent auto theft and break-ins, car owners attending the event should lock their cars and to keep all possessions with them at all times. Any items that must be left in the vehicle should be hidden.

Those participating in the fair should go to the lost and found location if any of their property is lost, or if they have found property that does not belong to them. This location will be clearly marked and located inside the State Fair of Texas.

The State Fair of Texas prohibits permitless carry for any gun owners on State Fairgrounds; weapons must be secured before entering the fair.

Attendees are encouraged to ride the Dart Rail to avoid traffic during the event. They are also advised to ensure their mobile devices are fully charged before arriving at this event.

All participants are encouraged to drink responsibly if they plan on consuming alcoholic beverages. Police said they want everyone to have a good time and to get home safe.

Dallas PD will have officers walking throughout the State Fair. All attendees are encouraged to report any suspicious bags, packages, or activity to police officers.

Dallas PD reminds everyone attending to enjoy the State Fair of Texas, follow these basic safety tips, and have a great time.

For tickets and more information on this event, you can visit The State Fair of Texas official website at https://bigtex.com/.

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