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Investigation After Fatal Shooting of Two People

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Hooded man pointing a pistol in a non-specific direction. | Image by Selim Aksan

Two people were involved in a fatal shooting in east Mansfield on Wednesday.

Mansfield police told NBC 5 that they received a call at around 11:30 a.m. regarding a “person with a weapon” in the Holland Estates neighborhood.

Officers arrived on the scene to discover a woman who appeared to have a gunshot wound. She was pronounced dead shortly afterward in a neighbor’s garage.

According to Mansfield police, the officers determined that a person from a nearby residence on the 700 block of Fannin Lane may be involved in the shooting. A neighbor stated that a couple lived there with children.

As police headed to the suspect’s supposed location, they heard an apparent gunshot from within the home.

Police told NBC 5 that they chose to approach the situation as a “barricaded person” scenario, setting up a command post and surrounding the residence.

The suspect remained barricaded inside while police acquired a search warrant to allow them entry into the home.

Traffic on North Holland Road was shut down as police and SWAT responded. They attempted to contact the person of interest through the loudspeaker and over the phone, but there was no response.

There was allegedly another loud bang inside the home around 3 p.m. as police finally entered and cleared the scene after a nearly three-hour standoff.

Once they had gained entry, police found a deceased adult man in the home. A further search did not reveal the presence of anyone else within the residence.

At this time, police have not identified the two persons involved and have not commented on a possible relationship between the two. The deceased will be identified by the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office after their families have been notified.

This case is under investigation by Mansfield detectives. Anyone who may have information regarding this fatal shooting is encouraged to contact the Mansfield Police Department.

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