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‘I am honored’: Burgess added to Energy, Climate and Conservation Task Force


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Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Pilot Point) was named to the Energy, Climate and Conservation Task Force by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California), which is tasked with helping develop agendas to manage climate change if the GOP takes over the House majority in 2022.

The task force was created by McCarthy, who has created six other bodies. 

“Being pro-energy does not equate to being anti-environment. I am honored to be named to the Energy, Climate and Conservation Task Force,” Burgess tweeted.

California is filled with concerned voters who believe that more attention should be given to the environment. This task force is one way that McCarthy hopes to give the GOP a leg up in the coming election cycle.

“Earlier this year I informed the conference that we would be rolling out Republican Task Forces designed to tackle the several crises that currently threaten our great nation. Today, I am proud to formally announce both the task force leaders and the full list of members who will be fighting to better our country for all Americans,” McCarthy said. 

The task force will focus its efforts on legislation that prioritizes clean energy infrastructure and reduces emissions while keeping the job market alive and cleaner energy alternatives affordable. 

“These task forces will be critical in building consensus around ideas to continue to build on our Commitment to America and ensure that the next century is an American one,” McCarthy said. 

Members of the task force include Garret Graves, Debbie Lesko, Dan Crenshaw, John Curtis, Jeff Duncan, David McKinley, Dusty Johnson, Randy Feenstra, Blake Moore, Pete Stauber, Yvette Herrell, Brian Mast, Michael Burgess, Glen Thompson and Stephanie Bice. 

McCarthy hopes that his task force will be able to compete with the innovations that the Democrats and President Joe Biden are pushing. 

Burgess previously acknowledged that the U.S is facing what he called an “energy crisis.”

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