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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Hugs Cafe Receives Grant From Marlin Medical Foundation

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Hugs Cafe sign and waiting area. | Image from FOX 4 News Dallas-Fort Worth

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Hugs Cafe is a nonprofit based in McKinney, Texas, on a mission to provide employment and job training for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. HUGS stands for Hope, Understanding, Grace, and Success, recognizing people for what they can do rather than what they cannot. Ruth Thompson founded the organization in 2013 as the result of years of cultivating a passion for people.  

The Marlin Medical Foundation, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is the not-for-profit subsidiary of Marlin Medical Solutions LLC. The Foundation is a leading provider of high-quality medical devices, medications, medical consumables, and healthcare equipment to the medical community. Both entities were founded by David Marlin Edwards, with more than 14 years of medical sales industry experience, building and sharing its passion for philanthropy.  

On October 11, 2021, Marlin Medical Foundation announced a $1,000 grant to Hugs Cafe, supporting their effort of enhancing the lives of people suffering from intellectual and developmental disabilities.  

The nonprofit operates a commercial cuisine and quick-service restaurant in McKinney, with over 80 percent of the staff members identified as having a disability. In addition, the Hugs Greenhouse team cultivates and markets a variety of annual and perennial plants carefully handpicked for their ability to thrive in North Texas.  

David Marlin Edwards, Founder of the Marlin Medical Foundation, explained: “Hugs Cafe does so much more than just provide training and employment opportunities. They recognize and celebrate individuals for their unique abilities and skills. Being seen and appreciated for who you are is transformational.”  

Ruth Thompson, Founder of Hugs Cafe, explained: “At Hugs Cafe, we envision a world where people are recognized for the things they can do, rather than the things they cannot. We are an organization that supports and is supported by our community. We appreciate Marlin Medical Foundation’s willingness to be part of our work.”  

Learn more about Marlin Medical Foundation here: https://marlinmedicalfoundation.org/   

Learn more about Hugs Cafe here: https://hugscafe.org/ 

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