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Halloween Safety Tips for Parents and Kids


Trick or Treaters walking to their next house. | Image by Rawpixel

The Dallas PD released the safety tips on the DPD Beat, maintaining that the recommendations would ensure that parents and kids have “a safe, fun and enjoyable time, ‘Trick or Treating.’”

One of the safety tips suggested by the Dallas PD is adult supervision during the trick or treating. The department added that trick or treating is safer and more fun in groups, so adult supervision is essential.

It also advised children and adults to bring their cellphones along for quick pictures and emergencies but urged them to leave the phones in their pockets so they don’t get distracted.

Dallas police noted that the thrill of trick or treating is sometimes a factor that leads to accidents during the holiday as excited children move from door to door. The department advised adults to make sure the children stay on the sidewalks at all times. If there are no sidewalks, they are advised to walk on the far edge of the road facing traffic.

The department also suggests that the adults guide the children carefully when and if they need to cross the road.

The department also advised that candy should be checked for choking hazards like gum and hard candies. Dallas police encourage adults and children to get rid of candies not appropriately sealed and avoid homemade treats from strangers.

Dallas PD advised a bright-colored outfit with a touch of reflective tape to the material should be selected when picking a costume. Parents and guardians are told to attach reflective tape on the children’s trick-or-treat bags so motorists can easily spot them.

The Dallas police department added that parents and guardians must ensure the children are equipped with a flashlight or glow stick which are necessary for any costume.

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