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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Hackers Target Dallas ISD


The Dallas ISD is the latest victim of cybercriminals as it reveals the district’s database has been hacked.

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Confidential data was compromised during a recent data security incident at the Dallas Independent School District.

The security breach affected the district’s electronic records, including former and current students, alumni, parents, and district employees’ private information.

Dallas ISD has asked federal law enforcement to investigate the data breach. Early reports indicate that none of the affected data has been sold or shared. However, the district cannot ensure that no records were illegally distributed until the investigation is complete.

The software engineers and internet specialists at TechJury say that every day 30,000 websites are attacked around the globe. In March, a reported 20 million records were breached by hackers. Currently, 64% of companies worldwide have experienced at least one form of cyber attack. Unfortunately, Dallas ISD is not immune.

According to the Dallas ISD, the IT department, along with forensic consultants, have “addressed specific vulnerabilities that were exploited during this event and will continue efforts to augment security going forward.”

The district states it is committed to transparency and will continue to share updates as they are available.

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