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Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Fourth of July Hamilton Park Shooting Survivor’s Mother Speaks Out


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Following a Dallas County grand jury indictment for four suspects allegedly involved in the Fourth of July Hamilton Park shooting that left three dead and three injured, a mother to one of the survivors has spoken of her anger for the incident.

Carolina Brown was with her friends and had been enjoying the Fourth of July fireworks when shots rang out. Brown and her friends were sitting at the back seat of a car when bullets pierced the car’s trunk, striking her in the thigh and abdomen.

“We heard gunshots as we were taking off, and my left side just went numb. ‘Y’all, I think I’m hit,'” Brown recalled saying to her friends at the time.

Dallas police arrested Akil Anderson, Taqualon Jones, Bryce Jones, and Kejuan Lewis in connection with the shooting. All four suspects were indicted by a grand jury this week.

Brown’s mother, Sunnie Tyler, spoke of her anger following the indictments of the four suspects. “I am livid. Death is so final. That’s the end. Who are you to play God?” said Tyler.

Tyler said she wants justice, and the indictments are the first steps to getting that. She said that her daughter was supposed to be in college studying nursing and running track.

However, Tyler adds she holds no grudge against the shooters. “I can’t. What is that going to do? It’s not going to solve anything. They can’t take back that bullet, and they can’t take back that day,” she said.

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