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Former Dallas Mavericks Player Out of ICU After Contracting COVID-19

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In late August, former Dallas Mavericks Player Cedric Ceballos posted on social media asking for prayers because he contracted the COVID-19 virus and was admitted to an intensive care unit. In his post, he asked for prayers. With the degradation of his health, the former NBA star had to cancel previously scheduled events and public appearances.

By early September, Ceballos posted that he was getting severely ill from the virus. In the post, he included a picture of himself on a ventilator. He also took time to make amends to anyone he has ever offended, stating, “If I have done anything to you in the past, allow me to publicly apologize.”

On Sep. 13, the former NBA star said he was feeling better even though he was still unable to breathe freely and hadn’t been able to “walk or function” on his own.

On Wednesday, Sep. 15, Ceballos posted to social media that he has accepted that the road ahead of him will be tough. He said that his lungs are still not as strong as needed and that he would “need assistance there.”

Ceballos tweeted on Thursday that he is officially out of ICU.

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