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Sunday, January 23, 2022
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Driver Crashes into Home of 88-Year-Old Woman in Dallas

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Exterior of 88-year-old Esther Rodriques' home after a car drove into it. | Image from NBCDFW

A driver crashed his vehicle into the house of an 88-year-old woman in Dallas. The crash left the woman and her family struggling to cope with the property damage.

Esther Rodrigues, 88, was in her house, together with family members, in the 600 block of N. Rosemont Avenue when a driver crashed his vehicle into her house. The 88-year-old did not sustain any harm from the crash, but the accident damaged her home.

Dallas police are currently searching for the driver who fled the scene of the crash. Rodrigues’ neighbors had tried to apprehend the driver, but the driver got away. As Dallas police continue their search for the driver, the 88-year-old’s family is looking for ways to repair the house that she has called home for many years.

Katherine Martinez, Rodrigues’ daughter, revealed that the crash was not the first of its kind. She said the accident was the second time a car crashed into her mother’s home. She added that the crash happened around 3 a.m.

“She’s 88 years old, and she shouldn’t have to be going through this right now,” Martinez added.

Rodrigues’s daughter also revealed that her neighbors had tried to apprehend the driver, but he fought them off and fled the scene on foot.

Property damage was extensive. According to Martinez, the crash ruined the floors at her mother’s home and pushed the home’s windows out of their original position.

Martinez revealed that the home in West Oak Cliff had been a haven for her extended family, and all she wanted was for everyone to live in the home without having to worry that a car might crash through the house again.

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