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Doctor Suing Hospital Alleges Medical Freedom Has Been ‘Hijacked’


COVID-19 law book with gavel | Image by Zerbor

The physician who resigned after her hospital privileges were suspended last year by Houston Methodist Hospital has filed a lawsuit against the medical center alleging that medical freedom has been hijacked, according to media reports 

Dr. Mary Tally Bowden, who resigned in November 2021, was criticized for promoting Ivermectin as an early treatment for COVID-19 patients.  

“The facade that these hospitals are not in it for the money is going to be revealed by Dr. Bowden,” said Warren Norred, a Dallas-Fort Worth-based attorney. “The monoclonal antibodies are awesome as long as you give them in the first week, but they don’t help you a lot if you’re beyond that. It’s such horrible medical negligence for these hospitals to send people home without any medicine. Dr. Bowden is pointing out that the emperor has no clothes.”  

Norred sued Baylor All Saints Medical Center in Fort Worth last year on behalf of Kyle and Melanie Squires to secure a temporary restraining order requiring its doctors to administer Ivermectin to Mr. Squires. However, the hospital allegedly refused to do so, and Mr. Squires has since died.  

In her complaint, filed in state district court this week by The Woodlands-based attorney Steve Mitby, Bowden is requesting access to financial information that she was reportedly denied in December 2021. The data she seeks includes the following:  

Documents listing income generated by administering COVID-19 vaccines, as well as reimbursements, insurance payments, and government funds.  

“Dr. Bowden knows they are abusing the system and they’re milking the system,” Norred said in an interview. “We’ve known that the hospitals have been playing this game since the beginning of the pandemic.”  

Details on COVID-19 treatment arrangements made with drug companies.  

“The early treatment protocols is why Dr. Bowden had to leave because she was making social media posts about treating COVID with Ivermectin,” Norred told The Dallas Express. “Ivermectin is very helpful, it’s cheap, it’s plentiful, and there are doctors who swear by it, but the medical system really doesn’t want you to find this out. It wants you to remain as ignorant of this as long as it can.”  

What compensation, if any, the hospital has received in exchange for prescribing Remdesivir to treat COVID-19.  

“Remdesivir works to a degree but it destroys the kidneys over a short period of time,” said Norred, who is currently campaigning to unseat Beverly Powell (D) as District 10’s state senator. “If you’re on Remdesivir, you’re killing your kidneys. If you’re on it for more than a day, or for any length of time, it is super destructive.”  

Statistics for vaccinated COVID patients, vaccinated workers who were infected with COVID, and whether some 2,879 patients who died of COVID were denied early treatment.  

“The hospitals are all doing the same thing,” Norred added. “They’ll say you’re not ‘fully vaccinated’ unless all this time has passed and you’ve had two or three shots. As long as they keep moving the ball, nobody’s ‘fully vaccinated.’ The other point that’s interesting to watch is, so many of the nurses that are involved are not getting the vaccine, and they’re taking termination rather than get it.” 

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