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Sunday, January 23, 2022
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Discussion for Plans of High-Speed Railway Connecting DFW Communities

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Vehicle congestion on DFW area roadways. | Image from NBC5

After examining ways to establish a speedy mass transport connection between Dallas and Fort Worth, the North Central Texas Council of Governments is discussing the possibility of building a high-speed railway between the two.

According to CBS DFW News, the council first began their look into transportation options last year that did not include highways. The study’s primary focus was a high-speed method of transportation. Since then, the council has determined that a railway that runs along I-30 is possible after examining more than 40 different routes.

“We’re talking about a high speed transportation mode that will go between Dallas and Fort Worth, and also connect with the high speed rail planned for Houston to Dallas,” the council’s Senior Program Manager Dan Lamers shared with CBS DFW.

The proposed idea would take extensive planning, development, and completion over the coming decade. The council also explored adding a hyperloop. This option entails smaller compartments than a train and allows for higher speeds up to 250 mph. Commuters could get to Dallas or Fort Worth within 30 minutes.

“This will help those coming into DFW from out of town, in particular, to be able to travel to the central part of the region, Dallas or Ft. Worth, in a more efficient manner,” Lamers stated.

Adding, “The population in Dallas-Fort Worth is 7 million people. It’s expected to be 13 million by 2045. The congestion in the area will double. We can’t build enough roadways to handle that demand,” shared Lamers.

The North Central Texas Council of Governments will hold a public meeting on Oct. 25 to discuss the future possibilities of a proposed high-speed railway. The meeting will take place at Mercy Street Dallas at 3801 Holystone Street in West Dallas.

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