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Delta Agriculture Joins NIHC in Discussions with Regulators


Farmer in a hemp field. | Image by Smederevac

Paving the way for a zero-carbon future, Delta Agriculture uses the power of hemp plants to develop durable alternatives to non-renewable products like oil-based plastics. The Dallas-based company is the nation’s largest single industrial supplier of raw hemp products.

Delta Agriculture manages hemp plant production from planning to finished product distribution with agricultural programs and integrated processing facilities in Texas and several other states to accomplish their mission. It has exclusive, patented technology to process all components of the hemp plant on a commercial scale.

The goals of the National Industrial Hemp Council are to provide the highest-quality networking and information resources to its constituents from the field to the market. Its executive leadership comprises distinguished global, federal, state, private industry, and government professionals from across the sector.

Delta Agriculture’s President, Graham Owens, met with NIHC members during the annual National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA) meeting. These discussions are being held to help NIHC inform U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee staff as they develop the 2023 Farm Bill. The sessions provided important feedback from state regulators regarding the state hemp programs they have been managing since implementation. These programs were established nationally in the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bills.

Graham Owens, president of Delta Agriculture, explained, “What Delta Ag and NIHC heard was more consistency is needed throughout the country as states continue to regulate their hemp programs. While licensing programs and the regulatory regime vary from state to state, these conversations made clear that more infrastructure is needed for hemp fiber and grain processing. Delta Ag has a proven track record of building those vertically integrated supply chains that uniquely positions us to best fill that role.”

Learn more about Delta Agriculture here: https://deltaag.com/

Learn more about NIHC here: https://hempindustrial.com/