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Dallas Theater Center Requires Actors to Wear Masks During Performance

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Flyer for the DTC production of "Our Town" | Image by dallastheatercenter.org

The managing director of Dallas Theater Center (DTC), Jeff Woodward, said that actors performing the play “Our Town” would be required to wear masks onstage during the run of the show, according to The Dallas Morning News. This comes after multiple cast and crew members tested positive for COVID-19 during rehearsals for the play.  

The production is scheduled to run from January 27 to February 20 at the Kalita Humphreys Theater.  

DTC’s last show, “A Christmas Carol”, had to close early after a crew member tested positive for COVID. Since the COVID-19 outbreaks, some other local productions have been canceled.

Broadway and some national touring shows have also canceled and postponed some performances.  

As the theater company prepares for its upcoming play, theater directors decided that actors will wear masks onstage to ensure safety as the Omicron variant continues to spread.  

While the mask mandate goes beyond the requirements of the national actors union, Woodward on Wednesday said that the theater company is taking extra precautions to avoid incurring further  COVID cases in the company.   

Per The Dallas Morning News, the union only requires actors at their member theaters to wear masks during the technical phase of rehearsals and to be tested twice a week. Actors are not required to be masked for performances.  

Woodward said that actors’ voices would be projected through microphones during the performance.  

There are also requirements for patrons who want to watch “Our Town.” Audience members must show proof of vaccination or a recent negative test. They must also remain masked throughout the performance. 

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