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Wednesday, July 6, 2022
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Dallas Elementary School Receives New Playground


Ribbon cutting ceremony at KIPP Destiny Elementary School in Dallas. | Image by Carter's Kids Playground

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A KIPP elementary school in Dallas has presented students with a new playground to enjoy in preparation for the upcoming school year.

KIPP is an open-enrollment charter school network, Focus Daily News reports, with approximately 32,000 students enrolled in 59 tuition-free campuses across the state. One of those campuses, KIPP Destiny Elementary School, recently received new playground equipment with the help of a national group headed by a familiar face.

Carter’s Kids was founded in 2006 by Carter Oosterhouse, a television personality who first found fame with the show Trading Spaces on TLC before going on to host additional how-to and home improvement programs, according to the group’s website.

The new playground at the Dallas KIPP elementary campus was the 86th one built by the nonprofit, Focus Daily News reports, which has established others in 22 states across the country.

“Carter’s Kids team has built playgrounds in communities all over the United States,” the nonprofit’s website explains.

“Each playground built is designed to be an important part of a child’s cognitive, social, and physical development,” it continues. “What we have learned is that each playground we build, not only is important in a child’s development but also becomes an integral part of the community the playground is built for. A playground provides a place where the community shares a common space, where families gather and new friendships are made.”

The organization hopes to encourage physical activity and self-esteem among children while fighting childhood obesity, its website states.

Each playground built by Carter’s Kids is made possible through corporate partnerships. The one at KIPP Destiny came to fruition via a collaboration with Chuck E. Cheese’s Playground Project initiative, which aims to provide fun and safe places for children to play.

According to Focus Daily News, the KIPP Destiny playground was the second one built by the new Chuck E. Cheese initiative, with the first being in Pasadena, California.

The head of communications and community relations for Chuck E. Cheese, Alejandra Brady, told Pasadena Weekly that the new initiative is about giving back to the community.

“We know that it enriches our communities when we create play places that are safe, so that’s what we’re looking to do,” Brady said.

According to the Carter’s Kids Facebook page, the ribbon-cutting for the KIPP Destiny Elementary playground took place on May 20, allowing students to enjoy the playground over the summer before the new school year begins.

Oosterhouse spoke to Dallas Doing Good during the ceremony about the other projects he has worked on in the city.

“I’ve gotten involved in so many projects here in Dallas,” he said. “I think this is the seventh playground we’ve done here in Dallas and Fort Worth. For the Boys and Girls Club, we did a gymnasium, and we’ve been able to partner with a lot of people. I started this nonprofit in 2006, and since then, we’ve been able to partner with a lot of different organizations and people, and Dallas seems like a place we always come back to.”

Brady and Oosterhouse both expressed their excitement about working together on future playgrounds.     

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