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Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Dallas Animal Services Announces Volunteer Updates and Opportunities


Dallas Animal Services volunteer with a dog. | Image from Dallas Animal Services

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Dallas Animal Services (DAS) is located at 1818 North Westmoreland in Dallas. A recent press release announced volunteer opportunities and updates on their facility.

A volunteer meeting will be held virtually on Tuesday, November 30, at 6:00 pm. This meeting will be focused on the need for dog walker volunteers.

If you are a dog walker for Dallas Animal Services, they are asking you to join the meeting to share your duties and experiences with others. They want you to describe why you believe it is an important role for community residents in an effort to recruit more volunteers. Click here to join the meeting.

Dallas Animal Services uses whiteboards for their volunteers that come in for dog walking shifts. The whiteboards indicate which dogs have already been walked outside and which dogs still need to be walked. Also, it displays the number of times certain dogs have walked for the day.

All dog walker volunteers are told to refer to the whiteboard upon arriving at Dallas Animal Services. DAS reminds volunteers to update the whiteboard as they complete dog walks.

Dallas Animal Services announced that their calendar for December is up on the website. They are asking volunteers to sign up early for volunteer shifts this month due to the holidays and many people traveling.

Within DAS, germs can spread quickly throughout the whole shelter if you give treats by hand. As a reminder, they are sharing the information that germs can result in a simple cold, or even worse, distemper in dogs. Also, bites or scratches from their teeth can occur due to hand-feeding a dog.

Dallas Animal Services explains that “an unintentional bite or scratch requires a 10-day quarantine. We should do everything we can to avoid putting DAS dogs in a position where they may accidentally bite or scratch us. So dropping treats on the floor or sliding them under the kennel door is a much safer delivery method.”

A group of individuals, who are all volunteers for DAS, created the idea to be present within a booth at the upcoming Marathon Expo. Along with Chip the mascot, they will be there to speak to others about their volunteer and foster programs.

The animals at Dallas Animal Services are also currently in need of blankets and towels. Those items can be donated at any time at adoption centers.

According to the outcome report for DAS, from November 8 through November 21, 424 animals have been adopted at their shelter.

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