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Sunday, January 23, 2022
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‘Crown Aesthetics’ Announces New Ambassador Program


Women receiving microneedling treatment.| Image by robertprzybysz

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Crown Aesthetics sets the industry standard for efficiency, security, and innovation. The company officially announced the launch of its SkinPen® Ambassador Program on National Microneedling Day.  

It is truly the leading medical aesthetics company internationally, focused on helping major aesthetic businesses worldwide develop their operations.

To do so, they are achieving spectacular results in rejuvenation and restoration thanks to their minimally invasive innovations, including SkinPen®, the first FDA-cleared micro-needling device, Skinfuse®, and ProGen Advantage, which are ideal as gateways to attracting new consumers into the practice.  

SkinPen® Precision raises the benchmark for micro-needling by being the world’s first micro-needling system approved by the FDA as being clinically proven to treat facial acne scars in patients 22 years of age and older. It now has an exciting expanded indication for the treatment of neck wrinkles.

SkinPen is also the only unit on the market to have undergone more than ninety verification studies to ensure its quality, operational safety, and high performance.

The SkinPen is widely available in more than thirty countries and has been used in more than 10,000 aesthetic practices globally to treat more than two million patients with SkinPen procedures.    

The SkinPen Ambassador Program offers the opportunity for current SkinPen suppliers to highlight the success of their practice while sharing important information and outcomes of SkinPen using social media.

By participating, SkinPen ambassadors can take advantage of local media opportunities with the chance to see their patients’ results highlighted on a global level.

SkinPen’s safety and 96% patient satisfaction rate are two of several factors that make it the micro-needling device of choice for literally thousands of aesthetic experts worldwide.    

Learn more about Crown Aesthetics and SkinPen here.

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