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Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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Couple’s Bee-Keeping Becomes Business and Conservation Project


Bees | Image by Blackland Bees / Facebook

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An East Dallas couple has turned their passion into an eco-friendly conservation project. Amanda and Jon Schulz are saving the bees from their own backyard. They have been keeping hives on their property since 2018 when they purchased a kit from Costco.

After building their first hive, the Schulzes became fascinated with the insects. They are awed by how each bee takes on a specific role within the community.

But the benefits of beekeeping go beyond creating a remarkable scientific experiment. The Shulzes are helping to save the bees.

According to ABC, the honeybee population is declining at an unsustainable rate. Without these pollinators, agricultural production suffers. Bee-dependent crops in the U.S. are responsible for a large percentage of people’s food.

Jon and Amanda play their part in preventing the decline of the bee population in various ways. The couple rescues unwanted hives that local property owners and beekeepers would otherwise eliminate. The Schulzes also provide a habitat for the bees with their native plant garden.

Amanda told NBC DFW that this is a way for every homeowner to support bee conservation.

“Then you’re starting to help the whole ecological system and really, at least on your own footprint, have some sort of effect on climate change,” Amanda said.

The Schulzes assert that education is crucial for the longevity of the bees. The couple believes when people see honeybees as valuable instead of a nuisance, they are more likely to choose protection instead of extermination.

They note that teaching young people about bees may help establish a more supportive philosophy when it comes to managing the insects.

Expanding their efforts to spread the word and protect more bees, the couple now maintains 30 hives in two counties. They have also launched a business: Blackland Bees relocates the insects to sustainable hives so that they can proliferate and pollinate local crops.

The brand’s Facebook page offers images and tips for sustaining this movement. It showcases photos of plants that attract pollinators, tips for establishing hives, and close-ups of the honeybees in their environment.

Blackland Bees also handles beehive removals around the area, responding to calls from residents experiencing hive or infestation problems. The team safely removes the unwanted bees from the property, relocating the hives so that the bees continue to flourish.      

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