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City Asks Public’s Input on Survey on Road Safety

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Cars in traffic on a highway. | Image by MCCAIG

Ten families lose a loved one every day on the roads in Texas. Injuries on the streets in Texas affect around fifty individuals a day.

Spectrum Local News mentioned that “Dallas is listed as having the second-highest traffic fatality rate looking at NHTSA’s data from 2015-2018.”

In Dallas, from 2015 through 2019, there was an average of 114 traffic incidents that caused fatalities and 687 incidents that caused severe injuries each year. Dallas ranks number two on the list of highest traffic accidents, and Fort Worth is number four.

A press release stated that the City of Dallas is asking for the residents of Dallas to provide feedback and input on road safety concerns by taking a Vision Zero survey. It should take approximately five minutes to complete the survey, which will help guide the city where their focus should be.

It is a priority for the City of Dallas to put in all efforts to “end traffic deaths and reduce serious injuries,” the press release explains. The Vision Zero survey allows individuals to choose areas on a map that they believe are dangerous spots for traffic, whether specific streets or intersections.

According to the Dallas City Hall website, the survey will be available to the public until December 3rd.

Dallas City Hall shared that “the ability to travel safely throughout Dallas, without fear of collision or injury, is fundamental to the quality of life in our city.” Their goal began in 2019 and included putting an end to fatalities and injuries and ultimately cutting the statistics in half by the year 2030.

The Department of Transportation is directing the Action Plan and its development throughout this year. Vision Zero Task Force has been supporting the Department of Transportation. The topics they have been covering are engineering, education, evaluation, enforcement, and equity.

On top of road safety for traffic, a goal to expand on providing healthy, safe, and “equitable mobility for all,” Dallas City Hall stated.

Vision Zero Texas states, “Let’s work together to make Dallas streets safer.” According to their website, this 501 (c)(3) organization focuses on making structural changes, enforcing safe traffic speeds, making transportation plans, and protecting pedestrians.

Vision Zero considers itself a movement, and they have a campaign where individuals can be involved in helping reduce traffic accidents.

Their website states, “Every city, county, metropolitan planning organization, and transportation agency in Texas needs to adopt responsible goals and action plans to end traffic deaths and serious injuries.”

Spectrum Local News reported on July 31st that Dallas supported the strategies put forth by Vision Zero. On top of Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Laredo have all committed to Vision Zero’s vision and agree with implementing their strategies. As their website emphasizes, “no loss of life is acceptable.”

The Vision Task Force comprises representatives of city departments and other agencies. The agencies taking part in this movement are TxDOT, Parkland Injury Prevention Center, Baylor University Medical Center, AARP, Mothers Against Drunk DriversBikeDFW, NCTCOG, Dallas ISD, and Dallas County Health Department.

A city statement revealed that “Vision Zero is an internationally recognized strategy used by cities all over the world that helps work towards this goal. The City of Dallas has committed to creating a Vision Zero Action Plan that will be data-driven based on community input.”

The first public meeting that the City of Dallas held was on November 16. The second public meeting will be held on December 1st from 6:00 pm until 7:00 pm. To join the December 1st meeting, click here. 

To take the Vision Zero survey, click here.