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BrainDead Brewing Closes Permanently 

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BrainDead Brewery in Deep Ellum. | Image from Coolest Stuff In Texas

BrainDead Brewing, located in Deep Ellum, has officially closed its doors for good. The brewery closed on Sunday after leaving patrons with little notice of their plans to close.

On Friday, the brewery owned by restaurateur Sam Wynne and Jeff Fryman broke the news on the company’s Facebook page with a lengthy message to dedicated customers. The statement didn’t reveal, however, why BrainDead Brewery was closing.

“This will be our last weekend of business. We are thankful for everyone that supported us through almost seven years of brewpubbing in Deep Ellum, the best neighborhood there ever was,” the announcement shared.

BrainDead Brewing’s announcement encouraged patrons to come and grab one last pint while enjoying entertainment from Leo J, an artist who previously appeared at the brewery.

“Again, we appreciate every person that has ever walked in our doors and given us any of your time and hard-earned money. We’re sorry that we gotta go, but we love you and wish you the best,” the message added.

Previously, BrainDead Brewing’s Sam Wynne made public its struggles following the pandemic. The pub reopened in September 2020 but only to serve take-out.

Later, when the brewery opened with full service, Wynne shared the move was against his approval. His lengthy statement made clear that he and his co-founder were at odds, per Dallas Eater.

Wynne declared that the business was out of money, and he and partner Jeff Fryman owed rent. Fryman insisted on forging ahead while Wynne called it quits.

“Jeff insists my belief in the Profit & Loss statement is misguided and that he’s going to do it on his own no matter what I think. I hope he succeeds. It’ll be locked up covertly overnight soon unless Jeff can pull a miracle out of his hat. But he’s always been a magician, so I’m not counting him out yet,” Wynne shared.

It appears that BrainDead wasn’t able to overcome its hurdles, and Fryman was forced to close after all.

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