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Book ‘Gone to Dallas: The Storekeeper 1856-1861’ is Full of Texas History


Gone to Dallas: The Storekeeper 1856-1861. | Image from Laurie Moore-Moore's website

Before writing a book, Laurie Moore-Moore had a successful career in residential real estate, advertising, and serving on a U.S. Presidential Inaugural Committee as their Press Secretary.

She co-founded Real Trends, Inc., a communication, publishing, and consulting firm producing a trend letter for the management teams of national residential real estate franchises and leading brokerage firms.

In 2002, Laurie decided to sell Real Trends to her business partner to create The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing. The Institute delivers formal training programs for those who market luxury homes for leading national residential real estate brands. Supported brands include RE/MAX, Keller Williams, Prudential, Sotheby’s, and many independent brokers.

Laurie Moore-Moore wrote and published her book, Gone to Dallas: The Storekeeper, 1856-1861, on October 4, 2021. Her book draws you into the world of 1850s Texas with a richly entertaining tale of migration, dreams, determination, and betrayal.

The story centers on Sara, the young woman coming to the Lone Star State alone, recently widowed, and struggling to make a living in a world ruled by men. Committed to opening a Dallas general store, she has to work through her insecurities, solitude, and threats of vandalism.

Gone to Dallas: The Storekeeper 1856-1861 is a memorable journey through the passionate but turbulent times of a very young Texas.

A compelling story with individuals who will captivate you through their tenacity and spirit as they struggle to make a new living for themselves along the edge of the frontier. The tale is one of decency and ingenuity that is fundamental to the enduring identity of Texas and the American West.

Check out early readers’ critiques, Laurie Moore-Moore’s podcasts, and more by visiting her website here: https://lauriemooremoore.com/

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