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9:02 pm, Dec 06
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BidPrime Launches DocSearch Premium Data Feature


Image of BidPrime's official logo and a newspaper. | Image by BidPrime

BidPrime is a Texas-based technology company that provides a comprehensive bid database with procurement intelligence and analytical research support.

Their new document text search tool will be part of BidPrime’s suite of new premium data plans. The tool will allow for in-depth searches of its collection of active and historical bid specification documents. In addition, DocSearch searches over 50 million pages of government bid documents and will offer the ability to quickly search records using classification codes, vague descriptions, and contract titles.

BidPrime enables all of its customers to sift through more than seven years of bid documents and identify even more opportunities. It is possible to search for relevant brand names and line items to reduce the time wasted scanning through sometimes lengthy documents significantly. Searches are immediately available in .PDF or .DOC format. You can also view, search, scan, and download applicable tender documents.

Josh Schwartzbeck, BidPrime’s CTO, said, “This new service is entirely unique in the state, local, and educational contract intelligence market. We’ve understood that our customers value their access to bid documents that are often difficult to find. This solution leverages our existing vast coverage of State and Municipal bid documents to provide a detailed viewpoint of most government opportunities.”

As part of this new platform, customers benefit from direct access to bidding using on-demand documents, dedicated account managers, extensive customization, and more. This release is part of BidPrime’s new and improved suite of premium data plans that accompany its existing line of comprehensive bidding and analytics products.

For more information about BidPrime, or to learn how your company can benefit from DocSearch, visit bidprime.com.