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Acquisition Announcement of Insurtech by Quantum Assurance International


Quotehound Inc. logo. | Image from Quotehound Inc.

Quantum Assurance International is an insurance organization that works for clients using a combination of both direct channel and agency-based sales techniques. It was founded because of the belief that insurance should meet consumer needs. To act on this belief, Quantum wants to redefine consumer expectations. By using the latest solutions and cutting-edge technology, Quantum makes it easier for consumers to compare and select the right policy from top-rated insurance carriers across the country.  

Justin Eggar, CEO of Quantum Assurance International, explained: “We are committed to serving agents and consumers as we transform how clients experience insurance in the digital marketplace. This acquisition will help agents compete in the digital space and will have a positive impact on businesses across the country as they broaden their reach and better meet the needs of the modern client.”  

Besides striving for excellent customer experiences, the Insurtech Quotehound team provides transparent and industry-leading marketing solutions to insurance agencies nationwide. They fuel insurance agency growth by empowering agents to broaden their geographical reach and build client relationships in the digital space.    

Jeff Shi, CEO of Quotehound, explained: “The Quotehound team is committed to supporting agents with the vital tools they need to stay relevant and succeed in a highly competitive environment. Agents deserve transparency as they build their digital marketing plans and we look forward to partnering with them to fuel their growth.”  

Shi is also joining in the acquisition by stepping into a new role as CEO of Quotehound. This new role at Quotehound will help to increase their organization’s effectiveness at changing an industry. One of their goals is to improve the insurance industry by disrupting policy sales techniques. Quantum expects the acquisition to close later this quarter.  

Learn more about Quantum Assurance International here: https://www.quantumassurance.com  

Learn more about Quotehound here: https://www.quotehound.com/