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$2.1 Million Dallas Condominium Listed

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A view of the main living space. | Image by Douglas Elliman

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A custom residence on the 21st story of the W Dallas Victory Residences building. The condominium features wraparound terraces, floor-to-ceiling windows, and numerous upgraded features and finishes that add to the upscale feel of the home. Douglas Elliman is listing the property located at 2430 Victory Lane #2104 with a current price of $2.125 million.

Full living space view of this 2430 Victory Lane condominium. | Image by Douglas Elliman

The home is set apart from other units in the building because of several significant changes that have been made by the current owner, David Gebhart, who purchased the unit as a “sheetrock box with windows,” he said in an interview with The Dallas Express. Gebhart purchased the unit in 2006 and immediately commissioned work to change the home’s layout.

“A lot of thoughtfulness was put into the space to maximize the beauty and functionality,” Gebhart said. He added that he hopes the new owners will appreciate the space and the work that has gone into the numerous custom upgrades.

One of the key changes is the alteration to the floor plan. Originally a three-bedroom, two-bath configuration, Gebhart had one of the bedrooms removed to create a larger entertaining space. At the same time, floor-to-ceiling cabinets were installed, providing a tremendous amount of nearly invisible storage. The changes also made it easy for Gebhart to install a hidden safe in the floor of the unit.

One of the more dramatic finishes in the home is the custom Ann Sacks tile that runs from the living space down a long hallway to the utility room. The tile is a matte white color and creates a basketweave effect. Gebhart said he hired a custom tie installer to ensure the floor-to-ceiling tile job is perfectly straight.

Sitting Area of the condominium. | Image by Douglas Elliman

“We noticed that we were having to repaint the wall to the utility room pretty often,” Gebhart said. He explained that the wall would get scuffed from laundry and cleaning supplies being moved to the utility room at the end of the hallway.

“It’s very special at night when the spotlights reflect and create a beautiful shadow,” he said.

The floors of the home are also unique in the building. Terrazo was used throughout the home, and the color was matched from the inside to the wraparound terraces to blend seamlessly. The process is complicated by the need to have a different finished surface texture for outside surfaces versus inside ones.

Balcony with a view. | Image by Douglas Elliman

Living Room with a view in the condominium. | Image by Douglas Elliman

Nearly every room in the home includes massive floor-to-ceiling windows that offer stunning views of the downtown Dallas skyline and the Calatrava bridges. The large terraces provide plenty of space for outdoor entertaining.

The main area of the condominium is an open floor plan layout that offers excellent views. The kitchen cleverly connects to the main space while remaining largely out of view.

Kitchen. | Image by Douglas Elliman

Bedroom. | Image by Image by Douglas Elliman

Both bedrooms feature floor-to-ceiling windows and spacious custom closets. One of the two bathrooms features dual sinks and a stainless steel soaking tub. Every finish in the home has a custom touch that lends this exclusive property a unique flair.

Bathroom. | Image by Douglas Elliman

Gebhart related that one of his favorite memories of the condominium was a birthday party he threw just after purchase before any of the custom touches had been started. He said they set up 16-inch round tables throughout the unit and used lighting to create a memorable bare-bones celebration.

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